We are a boutique agency offering a diverse range of services encompassing sales, permanent property management, holiday property management and in-house property styling services.  With a combined total of over 70 years experience in the property industry, our knowledge of the the property market and the New Tweed Coast are unrivalled. We are able to provide a unique range of skills and services unlikely to be found elsewhere. 




New Tweed Coast Real Estate - Principal/ Managing Director


Forming his own property development company specialising in Sydney's inner-west during the 1980's, Peter moved to the Gold Coast in 1992, after buying, renovating, building and managing a range of minor projects as well as at the same time working full-time as a high school economics teacher. 

Becoming an agent was a natural transition after buying several properties on the Tweed Coast since 2001. Given his economics background and first hand knowledge of the growth of the New Tweed market, Peter was enticed into becoming a full-time agent in Casuarina in 2009. In a difficult post-GFC economic climate, Peter quickly developed a reputation for his excellent communication skills, tireless work ethic, determination and impressive track record, selling over 150 properties in Salt, Seaside and Casuarina from 2009-2012. In late 2012, Peter was appointed as estate manager to sell the Miramar development, comprising 194 lots, being developed in north Casuarina by Villawood Properties. With Miramar now sold out, Peter is able to move back into the established property market. 


No one has a better knowledge of the Tweed property market. Great communication skills, honesty, excellent follow up, knowledge of the market as well as the lifestyle factors of the Tweed, combined with his own experiences over many years, places Peter in a class of his own. 

Peter has been an investor, property developer, renovator, project marketing and land estate manager. Over the past nine years he has sold over 400 properties in the area and established his own permanent property management business. 


New Tweed Coast Real Estate - Salesperson


Chris is a passionate and enthusiastic professional who is driven to succeed. Since commencing his real estate career, Chris has grown a reputation for negotiating multiple record results, possessing an impeccable market knowledge and being truly committed to delivering the best experience and outcomes for his clients. 


Being raised on the Tweed Coast his entire life Chris shares a deep passion for the area’s unsurpassed lifestyle and stands proud to call it home.


Equipped with the latest real estate technology and matched with results-driven attitude Chris aims to exceed above and beyond, rest assured your biggest asset is in the care of a true service professional.



New Tweed Coast Real Estate - Business Manager

Di Hendy Boutique Holiday Homes - Business Owner

Di started her career as a Conveyancing Manager with a leading Gold Coast legal firm. Her role was to ensure, with the support of her secretarial team, that every contract of sale that the firm was involved in was successfully brought to settlement.  The “time of the essence” nature of all Queensland contracts meant that working to time deadlines and dates was not a target but a legal obligation. In addition to contracts for individual properties this firm acted for some of the largest development organisations on the Gold Coast. This added an impressive list of high rise developments to her to do list at any given time. These “off the plan” style contracts require that every contract is to be settled on the same day. It was not unusual for Di for co-ordinate one settlement day where well in excess of 100 properties would be completed. Di’s super power was soon regarded as "settling tall buildings in a single day”.


Despite this highly successful legal career and her sort after talents in this field Di decided to pursue her life long passion for interior design. After completing her interior design studies she immediately launched her own Interior Design business, Di 4 Interior Designs, initially specialising in presenting properties for sale and designing and preparing holiday homes for holiday rental.


Her strong organisational and administrative skills took care of the logistical side of running a business allowing her to focus on honing her creative skills and putting them into practice across varying design styles and property types. She fast became a renowned interior designer in all areas and now continues to boast design projects and attract clients from Melbourne through to Sydney, Tweed Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane and as far north as Noosa.


After working with Di on designing their holiday homes and benefiting from her expertise in this area she was constantly being approached to help find someone who could give personalised ongoing management of their home for holiday rental purposes.


With her expertise in process and administration through her Conveyancing career combined with her Interior Design specialty of designing and fitting out holiday homes it was hard to ignore that she was uniquely qualified to provide such holiday home management services.


Di decided to combine her expertise in these two areas and launch her Boutique Holiday Home Management business, Di Hendy Boutique Holiday Homes. This business combines her strong understanding of contract and client expectation with her passion for “creating environments for people to escape to”. She has assembled a support team to ensure that her attention to detail in administration and property presentation come together to meet the expectations of all parties involved in a holiday home booking; the owner, the guest and the neighbourhood.  Her portfolio is now extensive including some  properties she has personally designed or styled and others that have come to her through word of mouth from her success in this personalised management business.


Not only are we at New Tweed Coast Real Estate proud to be able to connect clients and the community with Di’s Holiday Home management services and holiday rental portfolio but New Tweed Coast Real Estate is enhanced by having Di on board as our Business Manager.


Her efficiency, skill set and time management expertise, together with her own knowledge of property and design combined with the calm, uplifting and effective way she works with people and monitors process and procedure ensure her overseeing eye keeps our systems and procedures where they need to be to exceed all expectations met by our clients.



Greg has over 15 years’ experience in project management, design, and construction on small- and large-scale projects. Starting off with small home development sites Greg quickly progressed to multi-million-dollar residential properties before turning his skills and experience to land and unit developments. This became a springboard seeing Greg consult to a number of multi-national companies for potential development sites.


In 2017 Greg co-founded NuYen Enterprize, an international company who utilised cheap renewable energy for the power hungry, fast-growing data industry. Greg was involved in company structuring, concept design, funding, and project management. Construction is currently underway on a $80M USD data storage facility in America’s mid-west.

Greg has always been an advocate for fitness which saw him set 2 World Records in 2016 at the Masters Games here in Australia. Also raising much needed funds for Project Futures, a charity attempting to stop the human trafficking of children. Having kids of his own this became a big drive and a part of life for Greg.

At the start of 2020, Crossfit Currumbin a local gym on the Gold Coast was forced into closure. Greg stepped in with energy, a diverse array of business skills, fitness experience and built a team to keep a community gym alive. Now flourishing with an abundance of members Greg now has time to get back to his passion in real estate.


Starting recently with New Tweed Coast Real Estate Group as head of  project sales and developments, Greg sees the area of the NSW North Coast as Australia’s #1 growth corridor in real estate.







The Tweed Coast has long been regarded for its natural beauty. Occupying a narrow strip bordered by pristine beaches to the East and nature reserves and natural parks (Mt Warning and the Border Ranges) to the West, this region is increasingly becoming an area where people want to come and live, buy a holiday home or come for a vacation. Unlike its neighbours to the North, the development of the New Tweed Coast, in recent years, has been measured and planned. The planned communities of Casuarina and Salt are testament to the premise that urban development can co-exist without destroying the natural environment. 


While walking along the beach from Salt to Cabarita, even at the height of Summer, the occasional surfer, fisherman or dog walker can be observed. One feels a sense of going back in time. Along this stretch, the beach is totally unspoilt, not one sign of human habitation can be sighted. The beach and its adjacent vegetated dune system are totally intact. No high-rises casting shadows and no beachfront homes having to be protected by rock retaining walls, before they ultimately erode into the ocean. 

When visitors arrive for the first time, often they are amazed by what they experience. A visit to Kingscliff or one of the neighbouring coastal villages of Salt, Casuarina, Cabarita or Pottsville, will find an array of high quality restaurants, cafes, retail stores, hotels, surf clubs and plenty of other entertainment venues available.


The New Tweed Coast is far enough away from mass tourism and urbanisation, yet close enough if other amenities are required. Byron Bay is 35 minutes away, the central Gold Coast is 30 minutes away and Brisbane is 90 minutes drive to the North. The Gold Coast Airport, with regular flights to Asia, is quickly becoming an international airport. Many residents drive to the Gold Coast for employment, preferring to live and raise their families here. 

The new Tweed Hospital, planned for Kingscliff, will attract further residents to the area. Buyers from the Southern capital cities continue to be attracted to the area where real estate prices, by comparison to where they live, still represent outstanding value.


Given the attributes of the region, the New Tweed Coast will grow and changes will be noticed. However, mass urbanisation and suburban sprawls will not eventuate. The lack of available coastal land will put limits on future growth, which will in turn increase values over time. Our real estate market is driven by a wide range of factors that will undoubtedly continue for many years.

If a study was undertaken to find the most liveable place in the world, the New Tweed Coast would certainly be in contention.